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Petra Diamonds is a leading independent diamond mining group with a diversified portfolio of producing mines (Finsch, Cullinan, Koffiefontein and Kimberley Underground in South Africa and Williamson in Tanzania), a major resource base of ca. 300 million carats and a core objective to increase annual production to ca. 5.3 million carats by FY 2019. Petra conducts all operations according to the highest ethical standards and is a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index.

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 Corporate Presentation 6-Feb-17
 Cullinan Site Visit 4-Feb-17
FY2016 Preliminary Results 19-Sep-16
Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Conference 10-May-16
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Sustainability Reports

2016 Sustainability Report  23-Nov-16 
2015 Sustainability Report 02-Nov-15
GRI Index Pages 67-70 of the 2016 Sustainability report
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Annual/Half Yearly Reports

Financial year ends 30 June

6 months interim results to 31 Dec 2016   20-Feb-17 
2016 Annual Report 18-Oct-16 
FY16 Preliminary Results 19-Sep-16
2015 Annual Report 20-Oct-15
6 months interim results to 31 Dec 2015 22-Feb-16
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Trading Updates:

FY2017  Q3 Trading update (Jan to Mar 2017) 24-Apr-17 
FY2017 H1 Trading update (Jul to Dec 2016) 23-Jan-17 
FY2017 Q1 Trading update (Jul to Sep 16) 24-Oct-16
FY2016 Trading update (Jul 15-Jun 16) and guidance for FY17 26-Jul-16
Jul 2015 – Mar 2016 (9 months) 26-Apr-16
Jul - Dec 2015 25-Jan-16
Jul – Sep 2015 28-Oct-15
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Petra’s five mining operations are all focused on ‘hard rock’ kimberlite pipe orebodies (as opposed to alluvial deposits). In Tanzania, Petra operates the open pit Williamson, mine where ore is drilled and blasted from the surface. In South Africa, the Company operates four underground mines, which use ‘cave’ mining to access one block of ore at a time, exploiting gravity and the kimberlite’s inherent weakness to enable the ore to collapse autonomously. By opening up access to new blocks of ore at its underground mines, Petra will be able to mine pure kimberlite ore, undiluted by waste rock, thereby substantially increasing the grade. Petra also operates extensive tailings operations in South Africa, whereby material that has already been through the plant can be reprocessed to extract further diamond content.

Mine Location Mining Method Production FY 2016
Finsch South Africa Underground & Tailings 2,214
Cullinan South Africa Underground & Tailings 681
Koffiefontein South Africa Underground & Tailings 62
Kimberley Underground South Africa Underground & Tailings 531
Williamson Tanzania Open-pit 213
 TOTAL     3,701 

Exploration and Development:

Petra is exploring for new economic diamond deposits in a highly focused programme in Botswana and South Africa (where it took on a new prospecting right in 2015). It is also re-evaluating its existing kimberlites with respect to size, grade and diamond bearing potential.

Diamond Sales and Marketing

At the end of each production cycle, the diamonds produced at Petra’s mines are delivered to its sorting facility, where they are cleaned and acidized, before being sorted into international sales assortments. High quality larger stones or coloured stones are sold as single lots. Individual mine production is kept separate, providing buyers with an additional level of knowledge about the goods they are purchasing based upon each mine’s unique diamond characteristics. Petra will hold 7 tenders in 2016, each of which lasts 4-6 working days, during which participants view the assortments and place a confidential electronic bid on the parcel of their choice. At the end of the tender, the highest bidder wins the parcel.

Reserves and Resources

As of 30 June 2016

Reserves: 47.89M cts
Gross Resources: 312.16M cts (including reserves)
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