Diamond Producers Association in the news

 heading   How De Beers Has Turned Traditional Synthetic Diamond Detection Upside Down
15 June 2017 
    Millennials Reject Diamonds? Prepare To Start Hearing A New Story
9 June 2017
Screenshot of article - just text   Diamond Producers Association quadruples marketing budget for 2017
Luxury Daily
7 June 2017
Screenshot of article with photo of couple holding hands.   New DPA Ads Feature Couples’ Intimate Moments
7 June 2017
 Screenshot with picture of hand holding a diamond loupe   In US, diamonds are a millennial's best friend
Daily Mail
7 June 2017
 Screenshot of article with picture from Las Vegas show   It’s Story Time in the Diamond Industry
5 June 2017
 JCK Announcement   Diamond Producers Association Will Have $50 Million Budget for U.S. 
5 June 2017
Lucara site visit   Lucara site visit: Big stones and a gem of a mine
26 May 2017
 sepia picture of a diamond ring   11 Things You Never Knew About Diamonds
19 May 2017 
Screenshot of article no picture   Unique rings for brides who love a little something different
New York Post
11 May 2017
Screenshot with photo of millennial couple in a jewelry shop   JCK to tackle "Millennial perceptions" about diamonds
Israeli Diamond Industry
10 May 2017
 Portrait photo of Charles Duhigg   Pulitzer Prize-Winning NYT Editor to Speak in Vegas
National Jeweler
9 May 2017  
Large upright letters JCK in the sand   Plumb Club & JCK Partnering to Bring DPA Event at JCK
7 May 2017
Screenshot with pic of Deborah Marquardt   Deborah Marquardt speaks with social media strategist Carrie Kerpen on the latest episode of her “All the Social Ladies” podcast
Carrie Kerpen/All the Social Ladies
24 April 2017
Screenshot of article with picture of watch   Hot Topic in Geneva: The Issue of Synthetic Diamonds in Watchmaking
The Diamond Loupe
24 April 2017
Screenshot of aritcle - text only   Diamond miners have India in sight with Real is Rare slogan
21 April 2017
Screenshot of aricle with pic of Jean-Marc Lieberherr   Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Medium to long term prospects for the world diamond market are strong
17 April 2017
Screenshot of article with pic of couple proposing   How Millennials Propose Differently—and How That Helps Jewelers
14 April 2017
Screenshot with pic of machine    DPA, Signet, De Beers Working on ‘Project Assure’
9 April 2017 
Jean-Marc Lieberherr and Kara Ross   DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr & Gemologist Kara Ross on Why Diamonds Are a True Gift of Nature
You Tube
28 March 2017
 Screenshot of article with photo of Jean-Marc Lieberherr   Bringing Diamonds to a New Generation
14 March 2017
Bloomberg TV interview with Lucara CEO William Lamb   Lucara Diamond CEO Sees Positive Sentiment Across Board
7 March 2017
Screenshot of article iwth photo of Jan Nielsen   The incredible magic of diamonds
Portland Tribune
23 February 2017
Screenshot of article with photo of Jimmy Kimmel holding an Oscar   ABC Sells Out Its Oscars Inventory, With 30-Second Spots Costing Up to $2.5 Million
17 February 2017
 Screenshot of article with still from Real is Rare ad   Diamonds to share Oscar-night Limelight
16 February 2017
Screenshot of article with photo of diamonds   DPA to launch generic marketing in India by September 
The Times of India
16 February 2017
Screenshot of article with photo of DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr and IDE President Yoram Dvash   DPA to launch another US Campaign in September 2017, secures Oscars spot
The Israeli Diamond Industry
16 February 2017
 Screenshot of article with pic of diamond   Diamonds make the world a better place
13 February 2017 
 Screenshot of article with photo of CEO Jean Marc Lieberherr   DPA to Scrutinize Synthetic Detection Machines
8 February 2017
 Screenshot of article with picture of DPA Chairman Stephen Lussier   Diamond marketing regains strength
Hong Kong Jewellery Magazine
January 2017 
 Screenshot of article with photo of Bruce Cleaver   De Beers CEO Talks Diamonds and Millennial Marketing
The Diamond Loupe
9 January 2017  
 Screenshot of JCK article   "Real Is Rare": Changing the Diamond Narrative
12 December 2016
 Screenshot of AGS article   Real is Rare—Engaging Millennials Through Storytelling
American Gem Society
6 December 2016
;Screenshot of article incl pic of man giving a piggy back   Diamonds: ‘Real Is Rare’ Bows As WSJ Highlights Synthetic Threat
The Centurion
9 November 2016
Still of video with Nick Cannon   Why Nick Cannon Is Talking About Diamonds
National Jeweler
3 November 2016
Nick Cannon photo   Actor/Director Nick Cannon Interviews Couples in New DPA Movie
Idex online
3 November 2016 
NIck Cannon interviewing a couple   Nick Cannon Makes Video for Diamond Producers Association: "Why Real is Rare"
The Diamond Loupe
3 November 2016
 Headline and photo from ad of female lying down holding diamond jewelry   What 'Real is Rare," the Diamond Industry's new campaign, says about marketing luxury to millennials
19 October 2016
 Headline and part of picture from Centurion article about DPA campaign   New ‘Real Is Rare’ Campaign Departs From Standard Diamond Marketing Fare
The Centurion
11 October 2016  
 Article headline and first two paras   DPA Campaign Focuses on Imperfect Relationships
9 October 2016 
 Headline and photo from ad of young lady holding diamond jewellery while lying down   How “Real Is Rare” Hopes to Reinvent Diamond Advertising
7 October 2016
Headline and picture of millennial couple   The diamond industry is aiming its new ads at millennials who aren’t that into marriage
7 October 2016
 Headline and screenshot from Ad of couple   What the New Campaign Promoting Diamonds Looks Like
National Jeweler
7 October 2016
 Headline of WWD article   Can the Jewelry Industry Stoke Millennials’ Interest in Diamonds?
A new campaign looks to tempt the age group, using saucy imagery and authenticity in an attempt to speak the Millennial language.
7 October 2016
 Screenshot of Headline in Adweek   The Diamond Industry's First Campaign in 5 Years Encourages Millennials to Make a 'Real' Commitment
Ad Week
6 October 2016
Headline of article and aerial photo of Kimberley mine    'It's a very transparent industry': Petra boss Johan Dippenaar on mining diamonds
Daily Telegraph
25 September 2016
Screenshot of article with photo of Deborah Marquardt   Deborah Marquardt Is DPA Chief Marketing Officer
8 September 2016
Screenshot of article showing pink diamond    The goal of the DPA is to strengthen the fundamentals of the diamond industry, from mine to market – Jean-Marc Lieberherr, DPA CEO
Rubel & Ménasché (Interview by Marianne Riou, Part 2 of 2)
8 September 2016
 Screenshot of article with photo of Lieberherr   Diamond Producers Association CEO Lieberherr Talks "Real is Rare" in Run-Up To Launch
The Diamond Loupe
5 September 2016
Stephen Lussier Jean-Marc Lieberherr David Lamb at JCK presentation    We see this marketing platform as an industry program” – Jean-Marc Lieberherr, DPA CEO
Rubel & Ménasché (Interview by Marianne Riou, Part 1 of 2)
1 September 2016
      7 Questions on Diamond Marketing Demand
National Jeweler
17 June 2016
    Why the Diamond Producers Association chose Real is Rare
15 June 2016
    Diamond Producers Association courts millennials
Financial Times
2 June 2016