Real is Rare Launch

Thank you to everyone who attended our #RealisRare launch event on October 5th in New York City at the top of the Rockefeller Center. It was a pleasure to share the campaign with all of our partners.

See more photos in the DPA Launch album on Facebook.

    David Meleski and Mark Hanna from Richline with Jean-Marc Lieberherr(DPA) and Matt Nichols(Gemvara)
      Rob Bates and Yancy Weinrich from JCK with Anna Martin(GIA), Victor Weinman (Tache) and Ronnie VanderLinden (IDMA) 
      Stephen Lussier at the podium  
      Beryl Raff(Helzberg) with Deborah Marquardt, Jean-Marc Lieberher and Stephen Lussier from the DPA
      Beryl Raff (Helzberg) at the podium 
      Paul Malmstrom from Mother with Stephen Lussier and Jean-Marc Lieberher(DPA), Beryl Raff(Helzberg) and Deborah Marquardt (DPA) 
      Jean-Marc Lieberher (DPA) with David Bouffard (Signet) and DPA Board Member Andre Polyakov (ALROSA)