Diamond Images

    ALROSA rough diamonds
 Four diamonds from Finsch mine   Rough diamonds from Petra's Finsch mine in South Africa
 Rough diamond with an inclusion   Rough diamond showing an inclusion (De Beers) 
 Five rough diamonds   Rough diamonds (including octahedrons), photographed in Kimberley, South Africa [De Beers] 
 A dozen varied rough diamonds   Assorted rough diamonds from South Africa
 Five rough diamonds from Diavik   Rough diamonds from Diavik mine, Canada
Rio Tinto/Dominion Diamond
 Two hands holding many Russian diamonds   Rough diamonds from Russia (ALROSA)
 Two diamonds - a sawable and makeable   Rough diamonds  - an octahedal 'sawable' and a 'makeable'
    The Letseng Diamond
Gem Diamonds
    Rough diamonds from Ekati mine, Canada
Dominion Diamond
 Letseng diamond 160 carats   160 carat rough diamond from Letseng Mine in Lesotho
Gem Diamonds
 Two rough diamonds   Octrahedral rough diamonds
 Variety of coloured diamonds from Namibia   A variety of good quality coloured diamonds recovered by De Beers Marine offshore from the Namibian coastline.
 Two rough diamonds from Russia   Rough diamonds from Russia [Photo:  De Beers]
 The Cullinan Dream diamond   The Cullinan Dream
An exceptional 122.52 carat blue diamond
recovered at Petra's Cullinan mine, South Africa
June 2014
    Rough diamonds from Gem Diamonds' Ghaghoo Mine. Botswana
    Rough diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle Mine, Australia
 Lucara 110ct Lesedi La Rona diamond   The Lesedi La Rona diamond
The world's largest uncut diamond found at Lucara's Karowe mine, Botswana
November 2015
 Large diamond in close up   Rough diamond from Namibia (De Beers)
 The 597 carat Cullinan diamond against a black background    The 507 carat Cullinan Heritage, recovered at the Cullinan mine on South Africa's Heritage Day in 2009
 Single rough diamond   A rough octahedron diamond from Namibia. 
 12 assorted rough diamonds   Assorted rough diamonds, De Beers.