Environmental Management

Reindeers in Yakutia   Reindeer are the most important animals in Yakutia and ALROSA helps to keep their population. The company is taking into account the reindeer’s migration routes while building a new open-pit at Verkhne Muna.  The roads will have special flat slopes and be equipped with light reflectors to let animals cross them conveniently and safely. During the period of active migration, vehicle traffic will be completely prohibited.
    Zebras in the protected nature reserve at Petra's Cullinan mine
 Reindeer wearing radio-collar wading/swimming through water   ALROSA is supporting a Reindeer Protection programme to help preserve the traditional way of life of the indigenous minorities and the biological ecosystems in the area around the Verkhne Munskoe diamond deposit.   Satellite radio collars are now being attached to reindeer to transmit their location every 20 minutes.  When the reindeer enter a production area or start crossing the access road the division is brought to a standstill so that the reindeer can pass freely.
 Caribou crossing   Caribous take precedence over mine traffic at Dominion's Ekati mine in Canada
 Musk oxen grazing in snow in Yakutia   Musk oxen grazing in the snow in one of AlLROSA's nature reserves in Yakutia, Russia
    Monitoring water quality near Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia
 Rhino mother followed by her son   Rhino mother followed by her baby in Orapa Game Park, Botswana
 Windfarm with 4 turbines Diavik   The wind farm at Diavik Mine in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada.  The four 2.3 megawatt turbines are operational to minus 40 degrees. 
 Two people studying the vegetation near Diavik   Revegetation studies at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada are part of the mine’s reclamation work.
 2 environmental officers samplying water at Venetia Mine   Petrus Visser and Cedric Cloete, environmental officers at De Beers' Venetia Diamond mine monitoring water quality monitoring near the tailings dam at the mine.
 Giraffes grazing in the sunset near Orapa mine   Sunset at the Orapa Game Park.  The conservation area near the Orapa mine in
Botswana was set up by Debswana and its partners.
 Monitoring air quality at Diavik   A Diavik environment technician monitors the air quality near the mine.
Cheetahs at watering hole   Cheetahs drinking at a watering hole in Orapa Game Park by Orapa Mine, Botswana