Geologists in Yakutia in Russia travel by kayak
 Tents for exploration workers at Gahcho Kue lined up in the snow   Tents used to accommodate workers during the exploration phase of Gahcho Kué lined up in the snow in Canada. 
 man calibrating DGPS   Emmanuel Selebatso, Geophysics Field Operator, calibrating a Different Global Position System (DGPS) at the Kang Project, Botswana
 Team of explorers combing near a river   One of ALROSA's prospecting teams 
 Drill rig in Botswana Petra   Drill rig exploring for diamonds in Botswana (Petra Diamonds) 
 Orapa in 1967   Orapa in Botswana in 1967. 
    De Beers ship for exploring and sampling diamonds on the ocean floor
 core samples in a sample box   Core samples in a core sample box, Snap Lake Mine, Canada