NWT     Community Elder in Canada's North West territories
    Students gaining valuable work experience at Petra's Williamson mine in Tanzania
    Jabu Magozi, who has just become a diamond mining geologist at De Beers. Read her story here
    ALROSA's helicopter pilots at Aikhal mine, Russia
 Sorter examing diamond held in tweezers   Diamond sorting at DTC Botswana
 Six people posing for a photo   The Plant Belt Shop team at Petra's Koffiefontein mine.  The team has reported eight years without any safety incidents.
 ALROSA diamond cutter looking through a loupe   A diamond cutter from ALROSA inspecting a diamond through a loupe
    Carpentry skills training at Petra's Cullinan mine, South Africa
 Donatus   Donatus Mukungu
HSE Manager at Petra's Williamson mine in Tanzania

Donatus attributes the outstanding HSE results at Williamson particularly to:
- Managing the area by consistently doing walk-abouts (during both the day and night shifts)
- Integrating safety, health and environment as a management/production language
- Creating an environment in which safety provides team members with a sense of belonging
Pauline Phologolo business owner supported by Tokafala   Business owner Pauline Phologolo
One of the businesses supported by De Beers' Tokafala Enterprise Development programme.
By end-2015 the Tokafala initiative had supported 1600 jobs in Botswana
Photo:  Annie Griffiths
  Preparing ALROSA's diamond boxes in Yakutsk
Cullinan shift leader Shift leader Monica Sentsho is part of the team working hard to open up access to new underground mining areas at Petra's Cullinan mine in South Africa
Tinyiko One Muvhango
Survey Officer at De Beers' Venetia Mine in South Africa
Read her story here.
 Two operators at Venetia Mine   Simon Manthata (welder) and Marumo Serumula (operator) at De Beers' Venetia Mine, South Africa
Diamond sorting at Karowe   Diamond sorters at Lucara's Karowe mine, Botswana
 8 people graduating from Cullinan Leadership programme   Graduates from Petra’s Leadership Development Programme at the Cullinan mine in South Africa   
 Three ladies   Desiree's company Makhado Park Catering, has been supported by De Beers Zimele, a financial support and mentorship programme launched 25 years ago.  Read her story here.
 Miner at ALROSA's Aikhal mine   A miner at ALROSA's Aikhal mine in Yakutia, Russia
    Thabang Pampane and Petrus Mogatliwe, two contractors at Petra's Finsch Mine, South Africa
Team of diamond sorters   Martha Thembo and Eunice Sefole sorting diamonds at Venetia Mine