Sustainability Reports

Sustainable Development Reports by the DPA members typically cover the following topics: Leadership and governance, ethics and business conduct, supply chain integrity, stakeholder engagement, community social and economic impacts, beneficiation, attracting and retaining employees, training and development, health and safety, labour relations, human rights, biodiversity, wildlife monitoring, water stewardship, energy management, materials and waste management, reclamation and closure planning and Best Practice Principles. See their latest reports below.

 ALROSA SD report cover with a drawing of a reindeer and part of a diamond   ALROSA
Social and Environmental Report 2015 
 Argyle SD report cover with group of aboriginal dancers   Argyle Mine : Rio Tinto
Sustainable Development Report 2015
 Picture of Haul truck in teh snow  at sunrise, Gahcho Kué mine, Canada.   De Beers
Building Forever: Report to Society 2016
    De Beers
Turning Finite Resources into Enduring Opportunity
The economic contribution to Botswana of the partnership between the Government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers
 Illustrated front cover showing snowy mountains and a lake   De Beers
Socio-Economic Impact Report : De Beers in Canada
  Diavik Mine : Dominion Diamond/Rio Tinto
Sustainable Development Report 2015
 Cover of Dominion CSR repoer 2015   Dominion Diamond
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015
Ekati SEA report front cover   Dominion Diamond
Ekati Socio-Economic Agreement Report 2015
 Cover of report with photo of mine   Gem Diamonds
Sustainable Development Report 2016
 Cover of report   Lucara
Sustainability Report 2016   
 Three female miners by processing plant   Petra Diamond
Strong Under Pressure: Sustainability Report 2016
 Report cover with 4 people   Rio Tinto
Sustainable Development 2016: Partnering for Progress
 Report cover with picture of diamonds   Rio Tinto
Beauty with Integiry 
Cover of Anglo Sustainability Report 2016    Anglo American
Delivering Change, Building Resilience, Working in Partnership
Sustainability Report 2016